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Group Practice Sessions will provide children with an opportunity to take mastered skills “to the next level” by introducing a wide variety of opportunities to apply learned skills to everyday situations. Group practice sessions will focus on allowing your child to USE what they have already learned in a therapeutic setting to more naturalistic opportunities.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
By placing a focus on practicing skills, we will offer maximal exposure to contexts and situations that our clients may encounter outside of the speech and language therapy office. This shift will present our clients with a broader perspective through experiential learning, and foster generalization of skills. In order to be most effective in a group session, children must demonstrate mastery of skills within a 1:1 session where they are given undivided attention and support as needed. Thus, the foundation of skill development will be laid in individual therapy sessions and then reinforced through multiple repetitions in a group setting. 
There are 2 main components to our practice group sessions:

1. Each child enrolled in a group therapy session will be required to enroll in an individual therapy session at Zebra Speech to learn new skills and receive individual attention to meet formal goals and objectives. Individual therapy sessions will be the exclusive therapeutic context for teaching new behaviors with skillfully prepared supports fitting each child’s needs, as is deemed appropriate by the treating therapist. Individual therapy will serve as the therapeutic underpinning, a launch pad, for group practice session participation.

2. Group practice sessions will provide various contexts for practice of mastered skills. Working with other children in a variety of social situations and activities will allow our therapists to support a client’s needs outside of the typical boundaries of a speech and language therapy session. These groups will focus on interactive, play-based, experiential opportunities for frequent repetition and rehearsal outside of a standard therapeutic model.