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A Little About Us

As one of the largest clinic-based private practices in New England and an established pioneer in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, Zebra Speech (formerly S&L Therapy) has been providing the highest standard of speech-language therapy services for nearly two decades!

Our focus is simple: we want to help our patients with speech, language, and feeding services in the fastest and most effective ways possible.

We want to help them succeed and flourish as quickly as possible. We believe that the medical services we offer have a lasting impact on a child’s life. We understand how important it is to continually provide our patients the best possible services. This understanding has pushed us to constantly grow and innovate time and time again, to develop systems of transparency and accountability, even leading to the creation of one of the most unique and effective clinical approaches available today (OST®).

Our staff is overwhelmingly made up of speech-language pathologists who are bold, passionate, and highly skilled clinicians that care deeply about their patients' well-being and success. We affectionately call ourselves, “speech geeks.” A team of die-hard speech therapists who are continually striving to offer the best possible outcomes for their patients (you can learn more about our pioneering clinical approaches to speech therapy services here). To that end, the S&L Therapy speech clinics offer an unparalleled combination of tools, resources, and training for our clinicians who work tirelessly every day to improve the lives of children who have speech and language disorders.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about what makes us different, read some of our blogs, common parent questions, children’s questions, or maybe check out our leadership team of SLPs. If you have specific questions and would like to speak to someone to setup a consultation, you can fill-out our intake form here.

A few words from our founder

Dr. Jasmine Gillis

Executive Director, Founder

I believe there is a window of time where you can have a tremendous impact on the trajectory of a child's life, it is a belief and responsibility that has driven us to continuously seek to improve, innovate, and grow every single day...

Highlights: by the numbers

Over 91% patient success rate practice wide

Over 10,000,000 data points recorded and analyzed

Over 500,000 1:1 clinic sessions conducted

Over $700,000 in Zebra Speech funded scholarships