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What is speech therapy like?
It's fun!  During your speech therapy appointment time, you will come to Zebra Speech to work on skills that will improve your ability to talk, say certain sounds, or share and socialize with friends.  

Each kid's therapy appointment is different.  Your speech therapist will create games and activities just for you. 

You'll come to therapy for just about an hour each time and you can select games and activities to play while we work on different skills.  You can chose from board games, to pretend play toys, to Wii and Kinect on the XBox.  It's up to you!  And, while you are here, we will help you work on a plan to improve your communication skills.    

How long will it take?
It's different for everyone.  If you ask your speech therapist, they can tell you. Sometimes it takes a school year, but other times it is shorter than that. If you work really hard each time and get in a lot of practice, it goes faster. You do have to work hard each week, but you also get to play awesome games too.  Time will fly!

Does speech therapy hurt?
NO WAY! It is not painful in any way! There are no shots or anything like that when you go to speech therapy!  We are professionals (kind of like teachers) who work to improve your speech and language skills.  We will teach you how to say things differently. 

None of my friends go to "Speech," why do I have to?
Well, some kids need a little help learning new sounds or words, others don't.   A speech-language pathologist specializes in the teaching those speech and language skills so they are an excellent resource for you!

Your therapist (speech teacher) will help you to improve your communication skills, which will come in handy at school, at home, and with friends.

Don't forget, the more you practice what you learn at speech therapy, the better you will get at it!