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SLP CEUs or Speech-Language Pathology Continuing Education Units have become a necessity for most of us to maintain our license and ASHA CCCs.   They can also be a really great asset to help grow and expand our skillset.  That is, when you can find the right courses with substance!  

CEUs are great when they actually teach you something that you can start using right away.  We are really excited about the potential with our new upcoming continuing education program, but it’s not quite ready yet.    We are still crossing some T's and dotting some I's.  

It turns out that it can be a lot of work to offer online courses.   Who knew?    So, we are busy finalizing some of our curriculum (and partnerships) and hope to be able to bring you some really exciting, functional, and practical continuing education classes soon. 

Our plan is to launch early next year.   Stay tuned and check back soon!

Caregiver Classes
Have you ever wanted to learn more about speech therapy?  How to help your kids talk more?  Learn about a diagnosis?   Learn what you can or should be doing?   What is expected at the different ages?    Then we’ve got some classes for you!

The classes are packed with strategies, activities, and loads and loads of useful tips and tricks for helping your children develop social and communication skills. Some of our courses are free to the public, free to families at the practice, and some have a small fee. 

You will be able to see a full class list this coming fall.   Check back soon!