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Tutoring & Academic enrichment programs

We offer an array of non-therapeutic services for children to develop special interests, called Enrichment Programs and Academic Programs.  These programs are for ALL children, not just those with speech and language needs.  

Enrichment programs have the same structure and organization that underlies our therapy, but the curriculum and programs are theme-based, project-oriented, and explore a more diverse set of topics.  These programs are usually 8-weeks in length to offer flexibility for families to enroll for short-term courses for a period of time.  Children will work together throughout the series of sessions to meet a goal.  For example, book writing, a theatrical production, or baked goods shop. Our enrichment programs are offered by age/ developmental level, aimed to foster creativity, curiosity, exploration, problem solving, and socialization within small groups of peers.  

Academic programs offer targeted support for learning a specific skill required at a stage of academic development.  Beginning with school-readiness and progressing through early career support, these programs are hierarchical in nature and aimed to develop skill proficiency to support an academic or vocational application.  Our materials are curated by speech -language pathologists who are skilled and knowledgeable in the acquisition trajectories of oral language, written language and reading skills.

We will have a full catalog listing of programs posted shortly. Check back soon!