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What makes us different

What makes us different than a typical speech therapy private practice?

Some might say it’s the tree-bark covered walls in our waiting room or that we even have a waiting room, a clinic, and dedicated speech therapy treatment rooms!    Maybe it is the bright orange, green, and purple walls throughout the office.   It could be our staff regularly sporting purple Zebra Speech shirts or even Zebra Speech-themed scrubs.   It might be the giant stuffed animals found throughout our clinics and treatment rooms.   

You might think that it is how our speech therapists consistently make treatment sessions fun, playful, and exciting. It could be that our dedicated speech therapy treatment rooms are outfitted and designed to maximize speech therapy just for kids! It could even be the resources. We are known for providing our clinicians with a lot of materials and tools that many other speech therapists don’t have access to.

While many of those things are important, unique, and fun, we believe the real difference is in the quality of services we provide our patients.   It can be found in the approach to treatment that we take (take a deeper dive here to learn about Objectified Speech Therapy®, OST Method).  We treat and approach therapy as a true medical service that can and should be quantitatively measured and driven to provide the absolute best outcomes for patients.  

The use of treatment data is one example of that difference in approach.  

Each treatment session our clinicians come prepared with an organized set of objectives that they will be working on over the course of a few months.   They will then vigorously take data while providing treatment that is most often buried in playful and captivating activities.  

Now here is the cool part.   With a few clicks using our custom developed software, that data is then used to analyze all of a patient’s therapy sessions. The data is visually graphed and charted in real-time to identify progress and rates of productivity.   Patterns are tracked, treatment is improved, and patient outcomes skyrocket.  This approach starts to provide clinicians insights into therapy that otherwise would never be identified.

We aren’t done with that data yet though, there’s more!   Every 3 months we share all that data in the form of a Treatment Period Summary.   Our Treatment Period Summary reports carefully curate all targeted objectives with easy-to-follow and qualitative descriptions paired with all the data graphed so you can visualize the progress made.   We don’t change that data; it’s reported to you every single day, every objective targeted each session, and it includes every therapeutic high and every low.  It is, in a word, transparency.

This type of transparency creatives a model of accountability that is very rare and unique in our field.  It helps drive highly succesfful patient outcomes in ways that really aren't possible to consistently reproduce without the types of tools that we have developed here at the practice.

Next up, continuous training and learning

To further ensure our clinicians are fully engaged in the latest information and strategies, we have collaboration meetings weekly, we hold clinical practice training sessions each month, we have special guest lecturers join us from other fields, various workshops, and we do hands-on activities designed to further hone our knowledge and skillsets.  We even have a monthly illustration class for our staff to learn how to draw fun clip art styled images! The hard work, dedication, and commitment our clinicians provide to improve their craft is really amazing.  We couldn’t be prouder of the work our team does each and every day.  

If you can’t tell by now, we are very passionate about speech therapy!  We are a company largely made up of and run by speech-language pathologists.   Our leadership team is made up of fully licensed and practicing speech therapists (SLPs).   In fact, our staff is made up of dozens of some of the most passionate and talented speech therapists you’ll find anywhere.    Speech therapy isn’t just what we do, its who we are.  

These are just a few highlights that we believe make us different than a typical private practice.  At the end of the day, it really comes down to the success of the children and families we work to serve.   Whether you are new to the world of speech therapy or have been around a while, you will quickly see our approach is far more focused, analytical, and results oriented than most other alternatives.     As a result, our patients’ rates of progress are typically much higher than they would find elsewhere.  For us, for our staff, the question is: how can we best help our patients achieve their goals in the fastest and most effective ways possible?

If you are a parent or guardian with questions, interested in services, or would like to discuss more about how some of these differences can help your child reach their speech-language-feeding goals, please take a few minutes to fill out our online intake form.  Once submitted, someone will reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation.