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Zebra Speech (formerly S&L Therapy) Testimonials

"S&L Therapy helped us get back our son we thought we were going to lose to autism..."

"My son is 3 and thinks coming to speech therapy is a play date with one of his friends..."

"Our son talks about and looks forward to 'speech' all week. Among all his extracurriculars, S&L Therapy is the highlight of his week... amazing!"

"...a wii, xbox, ipad, bubble machine, and the list goes on and on. My daughter asked if we could have her birthday party at ’Jasmine’s place!'"

"My son, he's 10 and attended speech therapy for years and made little progress. I thought we would give it another try, but was worried that it would be a long road. Much to my surprise, after just a few months, he was well on his way and now he's got just 2 months left until he graduates."

"We are so grateful for all that you have done for our family. When we started, we had no idea of the journey this would be. He could have never done it without you and we are just beyond thrilled to have found you. We tell everyone we can about you!"

"It's speech therapy, but outside the box"

"For us, we needed a fresh perspective and that's just what we got. Our 5-year-old was still not speaking and we were just plain frustrated, so was he. She was patient and took the time to get to know him. He got to know her and became a big fan. This was the start of something special! We are so happy to hear him say 'mama' and 'dada!' We never thought he would. Thank you so very much. Our gratitude is beyond words!"

"The BEST! We love S&L and tell everyone we can about how much fun we had there. You forget it's a therapy appointment, really..."

"Thanks for helping me with my RRRrr' s!"

"We are so grateful to have found S& L Therapy. Through play Shannon helped our 2 1/2 son with his delay speech and overcome the challenges of speaking three different languages at home"