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How to begin at Zebra Speech

- Waiting List Request Form
- Intake Form
- Contact Request Form

Thanks for your interest in services at Zebra Speech! 

EXTRA INFO: To begin, we will need to get some information about you and your child. Before we schedule an appointment we like to learn more about what you are looking for and what your child’s needs are to determine if we are a good match. 

There are 2 ways to begin at the practice, by phone or online. The fastest way is online. When you fill out our online form, we can find scheduling and matches before we call you back. You can initiate interest in enrollment by either completing our web intake form or if you prefer by calling the practice at 617-487-4345.

EXTRA INFO: Our staff is primarily comprised of treating clinicians which means that we are typically treating during the day and not always available to answer the phone. Once you make you initial contact with us via phone, voicemail, or intake form, it may take up to 3 business days to get in touch with you as we consider needs, scheduling, and the correct clinical match.

During the intake process there will be a brief phone call with our clinic director, Jasmine Urquhart.  Jasmine likes to speak with each and every family to better understand the needs and make sure we have best possible match with one of our treating clinicians. We give consideration to the type of speech and/or language disorder, age, personality, and schedule availability when making matches. Once we have determined the clinician you will work with, your child will have a standing appointment with this clinician for all scheduled appointments.

We believe that making an appropriate child-clinician match is a critical component of setting the stage for successful therapy so we often take some time and care in completing this initial stage. If we do not have an appropriate match or availability at the time of your initial inquiry, we will place you on our waiting list. We will enroll families from our waiting list when new schedule appointments become available or another client is discharged from our practice. 

EXTRA INFO: Because our services are in such high demand, our regularly scheduled families make a commitment to attending all scheduled appointments until the completion of the program. Regular and consistent attendance is critical to therapeutic success.

The final intake step is completed once you have a scheduled appointment. After we confirm a clinician and schedule day and time, you will receive our welcome packet by e-mail. Enclosed you will find additional information about the practice as well as various forms to complete so that your clinician can get to know your child’s background, medical history, prior therapy experience, and interests. All of this information will help us to ensure the transition into our practice is smooth—and fun!

To get more information about your first day at the practice, take a look at “Getting Started With Zebra Speech”.