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Speech & Language Therapy

Individual Speech and Language Therapy
Individual Speech and Language Therapy is where progress happens. Through regularly scheduled appointments at Zebra Speech, small steps lead to large gains. Once enrolled at the practice, your child will be assigned one of our highly-skilled therapist for a regularly scheduled appointment. Each child is allotted a specific appointment day and time which becomes their standing appointment with their therapist. Your child will be introduced to a whole host of toys, games, video games, and pretend play items all developed to fit therapeutic activities, with their particular interests in mind. From butterfly hunts to endangered animal safaris, and lively debate and even baking, our therapists set to capture your child's enthusiasm and employ them to facilitate rapid skills development and better communication skills.

Individual speech and language therapy sessions begin at once weekly and can be schedule on a more frequent basis by need and availability.

Our clinicians collaborate with families and other professional to develop the best possible hierarchy for your child to make incremental steps toward improved skills. While each child's plan will be customized to meet their unique needs, there are several characteristics you will find in common for all of our clients:

  • Your child will work one-on-one with a highly-skilled therapist to achieve targeted speech and language skills. This means that your child will receive individual attention and support during each session with the same therapist.
  • Each session will target specific quantitative and qualitative skills set by the treating therapist.
  • Therapy plans are systematic, hierarchical, and data-driven.
  • Your child will have fun!

Group Practice
Group Practice Sessions provide children with an opportunity to take mastered skills “to the next level” by introducing a wide variety of opportunities to apply learned skills to everyday situations.

Group practice sessions focus on allowing your child to USE what they have already learned in a therapeutic setting to more naturalistic opportunities.

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