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Many children enrolled at the practice are working on speech sound production skills. There are some tips parents can do at home to support what is being taught in session.

1.  Maximize your speech output at home to provide high quality speech models while keeping your child’s interest. For example, for a child working on the “th” sound, “I had so much fun at the movie theatre with you! The thunderstorm movie was awesome, thanks for coming with me today!

2.  Value what your child is saying and do not demand that he/she correct their speech errors or imitate these models; but, praise him/her if he/she volunteers to do so.

3.  Practice targets at home one linguistic level below what is being taught in the speech session. For example, if your child is working at the sentence level in therapy, it is appropriate to practice words and/or phrases at home. Refer to your treating clinician for instructions and word lists.